Keeping a Steady Pace in Your Work Flow

Keeping a Steady Pace in Your Work FlowHumans can easily operate two types of tasks. Number one, we can easily perform tasks which require extreme highs and lows of physical activity and mental agility, as long as the job is sporadic and not regular. Number two, we can easily perform jobs which are mundane and time consuming, but which offer a nice even steady work flow, requiring minimum physical change and minimum mental commitment. It is these types of jobs which we define as being our ideal work environments, especially if our personality is particularly suited to one more than the other. However, not all of us have the benefit of being employed is such a manner, so what is there to do about it if we are not blessed with such workplace environments?

First of all, keep your energy steady and consistent through all of your job tasks. This does not mean that you must have super high energy in order to accomplish most or all of your tasks. It simply means that you should choose an energy level which you can steadily maintain, without breaks or breathers, throughout the day. This may, in the end, be very low, but just remember that keeping it consistent is the key.

Secondly, remember that your world is only affected by others if you allow it to be. This may seem like an impossible task if you are already in the habit of being affected by other people, but perhaps it is helpful to state the old adage, “Mind your own business,” coupled with a fairly newer adage, “What other people think of me is none of my business.”

Last, practice the two above steps until you are a pro at them, in other words, until you develop a habit which can withstand almost any outside influence or emotional turmoil which you might be going through. Any steps which you take in the future to increase the steadiness of your workflow will be built upon those two solid foundations.

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