It’s Worth It! The Cost of Testing

drug testing equipment suppliers,drug and alcohol test pricesCompare the cost of AOD testing in the workplace against the cost of the impact of AOD’s in the workplace! It is in fact a very simple equation. Cost-effective drug and alcohol testing programs can be implemented for your business or entity by CMM Technology, and there are a range of options available from economical and more frugal technologies through to more advanced and expensive testing products.

Drug and alcohol testing is often cited as a kind of industry luxury in those areas where it is not legislated for, or required. But is this really the case? Chris Harris, of the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) stated in 2006 that “drug and alcohol misuse in Australia was a high as $13.7 billion per year, due to absenteeism, a decreased output and productivity, increased staff turnover and as a trigger for claims such as sexual harassment with alcohol especially playing a role in the latter.”[1]

Harris also maintains that there are three levels of response required to address the issue:

  • Develop awareness
  • Incidental/reactive responses
  • Systematic response – developing an infrastructure and process[2]

While there are indeed financial outlays in respect of AOD testing programs in the workplace, when measured against endemic and longstanding issues such as workplace absenteeism, lowered performance and reduced productivity, it becomes apparent that a preventative and systematic response involving testing that invites employee participation in its development and acts as a foundation for a shift in workplace culture, may indeed have pronounced benefits that all businesses and industries can benefit from.

Central to this issue of workplace testing is the reality that most individuals with substance abuse problems including alcohol problems are in fact gainfully employed. According to 2009 estimates in the United States, 62% of adults with substance use problems are employed full-time. This corrects the stereotypical mythology in the media that most are in fact unemployed and often homeless.[3]

According to the U.S research, the impact on employment functioning/worker productivity is negative, whether the use occurs off the job or on.[4] Research statistics in America also reveal that “workplaces with drug testing programs have 24% less drug usage than workplaces without drug testing, and employees at drug-testing workplaces are 38.5% less likely to be chronic drug users.”[5] This may be because of a deterrent effect or it may be that chronic drug users are unlikely to apply for work at workplaces where testing is woven into policies and procedures. Either way, what remains clear is that a performance increase and increased profit are likely benefits of such programs.

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