It’s a Matter of Choice

Charles Duhigg’ s awesome book, The Power of Habit, describes how much of our lives are controlled by habit (that would be almost all of our lives) and It’s a Matter of Choicehow we can change our lives by changing our habits. In his well-acclaimed book, Duhigg describes the case histories of two individuals, a man with sleep terrors who murdered his wife, and a woman with a gambling addiction who spent all of her family’s resources, including a million dollar inheritance left to her by her parents. The question arises in the book: do choices or habits control our lives, and do we have a choice over our habits or are they simply taught to us?

The answer is a simple one, which the book takes three hundred pages of scientific research to describe thoroughly: our choices control the habits which we develop, and we are therefore responsible for each and every single part of our lives, from beginning to end. This means that, as much as drug abuse and alcoholism destroys lives (multiple lives within families), the abuser is still to be held responsible for the damage which they have caused. It seems there is even a step for making up for past damages in one of the twelve steps from the famous Alcoholics Anonymous program. All of this to say, you will have to take responsibility for your life at some time or another, and you might as well get it over with, and move on to higher standards of living.

What abusing drugs or alcohol in the workplace? Workplace drug screening makes personal responsibility a little easier on your employees. They have the opportunity to use your company policy as a little bit of an extra incentive to not fall off the wagon, so to speak. CMM Technology provides drug tests, like Oraline saliva tests, and breathalysers, like LifeLoc FC10 personal breathalyser devices for your business drug testing needs.

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