Is There A Way Out?

alcohol testIf you have ever been under the influence of alcohol or drugs for a very long time, then you know how important it is to get out of that habit as quickly as possible. The more you fall in to it, the harder it is to get out of it.

Is there a way out?

When everything turns dark, can you escape? Is there just a better version of where you are, or can you actually become good and competent and well off and emotionally mature like other people you’ve seen?

The truth is that anything is possible. If you fight for yourself, remember that there is no one who is better qualified to fight for you than you. And remember, also, that you are the one person who is worth fighting for the most. No one can give you better love than yourself, and no one can receive your own love better than yourself.

Yes, there is a way out.

When you show up to work and your boss has employee drug testing in progress, don’t shy away from it. Take responsibility for your own actions and step up to the plate. In this manner, you can work and fight and love and do everything for yourself, which is what would have kept you away from drug abuse or alcoholism in the first place.

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