Is Substance Abuse The Cause or The Symptom?

saliva drug test,oraline saliva,Alcotech,alcosenseDrug abuse (alcohol included) has been purported to be the cause of many social anxiety, relationship and life disorders. It is a card that has been flipped over and over by many different groups, describing the actual active abuse to be either the cause or the symptom of many interesting problems. Marriage issues either lead to substance abuse, or substance abuse leads to marriage issues. A death in the family is the result of drinking, or drinking is the result of a death in the family. Which one is it in reality and does it matter one way or the other? Isn’t drug abuse a problem in and of itself and do we really care if it is the chicken or the egg?

The truth is, substance abuse is a link in a chain of events. Though it can cause many different problems and different types of heartache, it is not the beginning of this chain. It is a symptom of a deeper problem, and this problem is usually linked to a deficiency. Why would I say this? Because active social and personal problems are dealt with in real life and adjustments are immediately made to fix any issues. However, deficiencies do not register as the same thing as problems. Deficiencies are on an entirely different level. [1] When the brain loses important memory or cognitive cells due to surgery or accidental injury, the remaining cells make up for this deficiency by either putting together pieces of old memory and imagining what the spaces would be filled with, or by recognizing the cut in the cognitive processes and taking on extra workloads themselves. [2]

This is, in effect, what happens within our daily lives. Circumstances such as physical abuse or lack of emotional growth and maturity are not dealt with as a problem which must be fixed and altered. These situations are dealt with by imagining what things should be like (without fully knowing what this would look like), or by taking on more than our share of emotional, physical and psychological responsibilities. One example of this would be a man who imagines what married life should be like, without actually having seen or been around a successfully married couple to know for sure. A second example would be a young girl taking on extra household, mothering and income responsibilities to make up for a lack of parental care or unburdening. [3]

These are the holes which are filled with cocaine and heroin and scotch and whiskey.

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