Is It the Substance or the Mentality?

chain of custody,pre screening,screening testsOccasionally, you will find employees, and even businesses, which scoff at regularly implemented drug and alcohol testing, because “It will not actually prevent abuse. It will only tell you if it exists.” Research has shown that substance abuse testing is effective, because it creates a certain work mentality on the jobsite. This is not an oppressive, we-are-better-than-you mentality, but one of cooperation and agreement. Substance abuse testing helps companies to demand a certain minimum work ethic from their employees. They do not have to tolerate anything less than the best working behavior available. It is not personal.

It is business.

Unfortunately, many employees consider their place of employment to their home away from home. Personal phone calls, dating coworkers, dressing casually, and generally behaving lackadaisical are all characteristics of refusing to separate work and home. This is because, in our age of immediate gratification and instant access, the subject “work” is considered a negative part of your life. It is not considered a blessing or a privilege, but a hassle, like time-out or detention. The result is that employees simply try to make the work environment a slightly less enjoyable version of home. Emphasis is not placed upon a professional work ethic, a professional attitude toward clients, or even a profession. This decreases the marketability of the company, thus decreasing your earnings.

At some point, the line between outright substance abuse and a lazy work ethic becomes blurred. The problem is not that everyone fits a stereotypical model of the perfect employee and/or family member. The problem is that when your company is not growing, your business revenue is not truly stable. Businesses, relationships and green plants all have one thing in common: they are either growing or dying. They cannot exist in limbo. There is a continual process.

In answer to the query of this article, irresponsible mentalities can lead to substance abuse, and substance abuse can lead to lazy work ethics. One is not necessarily more destructive than the other. Maintaining a high-quality drug and alcohol testing program within your company is one of the true steps to success. It sets the bar high, not because you are a snob, but because it is your company.

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