Is it Balance or is it Control?

Is it Balance or is it Control?How do you know if you’re being a control freak? How do you know if you’re not just being very, very reasonable? What if your advice is really sensible, but people take nonsensical roads for themselves and you call them out on it? Where does the line between control freak and good friend exist?

If you are a parent, then the line is probably a lot further into the field of control than if you were referring to what kind of friend you are. The entire thing can be summed up pretty quickly. Parents exercise more control over their kids’ lives, and so their references to “control freak” and “good advice” would probably be very different from the references that a drug-addicted rock star would delineate. It is, therefore, very important to always delineate to whom this questions is asked.

What about if you own or run a business? Shouldn’t you really be more a control freak in that situation?

Well, perhaps, as long as you are not micromanaging everyone and making it difficult for them to perform their jobs with any kind of flow. It is therefore pretty important to also define the relationship between yourself and the person you are affecting.

What if your employees are bringing drugs and alcohol to work? In this case, you are legally liable for these actions, or at least your company is. What if something injurious happened to another employee or to themselves? What would you do in this instant? We would strongly recommend that you immediately implement both drug and alcohol testing, so that you can make sure of their state of mind and body chemical substance content.

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