Is Goal Setting Detrimental?

Is Goal Setting Detrimental?We are all often told to be sure to set goals and remember important milestones in our lives which we would like to meet. This is all very well and good…and a little trite…but what happens when these goals continually fall through, and nobody believes that their goals will actually be accomplished? It sure sounds as if there is a missing step in this process. There is. Goal setting involves one more factor which is necessary to both personal and professional development: believability. Believability is the amount that a given goal seems realistic or attainable to you. It does not matter how attainable it seems to someone else. It only matters what your own opinion of it is. If it does not seem to be attainable in your own mind, then you are actually pushing the goal away, both with your energy and your actions, because you do not want to invest any further in it until you believe that it can actually be accomplished.

In the workplace, believability holds just as much if not more sway. Not only do you have to set goals which seem realistic and attainable to your own mind, but if you announce them publicly, they must be goals which seem attainable to the minds of relevant peers in your life. If not, their scorn alone can cause you to lose hope and just give up. At this point in time, remember that it is not what type of goal it is that matters, but your willingness to push through all obstacles to get to it that matters. At this point in time, remember that goals are meant to be challenging, rather than easy steps up. If they were easy steps up, rather than a craggy mountain to climb, they would be items on your to-do list, rather than goals for the future. They would not bear much importance at all.

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