Investing in Yourself

We have all heard the phrase, “pay yourself first,” and it has to do with putting aside money for yourself before you pay your bills and deal with other Investing in Yourselfexpenses. It is not just a form of common sense and good investing, but it has to do with self respect. How can you give respect to others when you do not even have any respect for yourself? How can you bless the lives of others when you have not given yourself blessings first? All resources must come from somewhere and how you treat yourself and how you invest in yourself both have everything to do with what type of productivity you are able to put out.

Investing in yourself is not a new concept. However, it has become less and less socially acceptable to even talk about, since society in general and lower middle socioeconomic groups in particular fail to discern between investing in yourself and just plain selfishness. How does one go about investing in themselves, while at the same time avoiding the unpleasant and depressing insistence of others that they should be serving their community instead?

The key is in secrecy, privacy and isolation. When you tell other people about what you are doing for yourself, even if they show unlimited external support of your ideas, it helps to draw your focus in that direction…externally. Fortunately, this article describes the importance of being intimate with yourself and your personality and investing in things that only you like to do and that only sink blessing into your own life, without anyone else knowing anything about it.

Do all of your personal intimate and private self improvements in private, and tell no one about them afterward. This builds up your internal reserves because no one else knows your secret and can then evaluate it in any direction, and it also helps you to feel like you can tweak it without having to update the general populace around you. Your intimate conversations with yourself should be just that…intimate. This is the highest and most profitable and most permanent way to invest in yourself. On the jobsite, your reactions will be quick and to the point, and your spirit will be calm and relaxed and not affected by the disillusionment and dissatisfaction of others.

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