Interview with an Emotionally Stunted Dry Alcoholic

Drug Test, Drug Testing, Alcohol TestThis interview is published with the full permission of the interviewee.

“Hi. To begin, what would your definition of a dry alcoholic be?”

“Well, I don’t actually drink alcohol, but there is virtually no difference between me and a regular drunk. I still think the same as they do and have the same weaknesses and strengths, and I tend to blow up just like a full on drunk, but that can be caused by the smallest offsets. I don’t actually have to be drunk to blow up.”

“So how does your dry alcoholism affect your life? Does it really affect you negatively?”

“I realize that the term “dry drunk” doesn’t sound that threatening to victims of wet drunks, but the truth is, I can be just as dangerous, if not more so when I’m upset. I’m not able to handle basic tasks such as going to work and coming home, just like a regular alcohol isn’t able to do.”

“What sets you off? How is your behavior different from someone who is just irritated or angry?”

“It’s very different. I can become violent, and I have caused physical damage in the past. It is extremely difficult for me to feel empathetic toward anyone, since my personality coupled with this disorder gives me sociopathic tendencies. I just don’t care about people like others do, but some of that may just be my personality.”

“But what makes you angry?”

“Anything. Anything out of the ordinary or that is not what I expect or that stresses me out or something like that. I can’t even handle peace, so I sure as hell can’t handle even the littlest amount of stress. And I don’t just get angry. I get stressed out and afraid and really easily overwhelmed with even the smallest details.”

“What do you believe caused this disorder?”

“I have no idea. I hate it so much. It’s like, I can be sitting in my home, and I can be thinking of all of the things I could or should be doing, and I am physically able to go do them…but I can’t do them.”

“What do you mean you can’t do them? What stops you?”

“Nothing. Nothing stops me. That’s the whole point. They are sitting right there for me to do. I don’t have a hard job. I’m not physically handicapped. My household chores are quite easy. I can’t do them, though. I can feel really guilty about it, but I just can’t bring myself to do them. And when I do force myself to just go about my day and get stuff done and run errands, I have to recuperate for almost half a day or a whole day afterward, because it is that stressful on me. I sleep a lot.”

“You sleep a lot?”

“Yeah, theguilt of not getting basic stuff…it eats away at me. Sometimes, it is easier to just go to bed and sleep until I feel better. When I wake up, though, I am just as guilty, and it hurts just as bad as before.”

“When did you first start having symptoms of dry alcoholism?”

“I first noticed the difference when I was a teenager. I think that I hit adolescence and I no longer had the capabilities of growing that I had before. I think my wet alcoholic parents must have stopped growing inside when they were kids, and that is as far as I grew, as well. I had no other example.”

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