Inspiration for Your Days Off

pro-split cup 6+6Your work may be your life. If you go home from work and lose your incentive or motivation, it may mean that you feel your most productive and are able to achieve your best flow when you are at work. While this is a great experience to have (especially if you’re making money at it) you must find ways of bring that productive enthusiasm to your home life, as well.

First, it’s okay to bring your working mindset home with you. If you are able to view your house and your family through your professional eyes, then you can mentally organize everything and everyone so that it is just as cohesive (or almost as much) as your work life.

Secondly, it’s okay to be lazy if you work really long hours and hardly ever get a day off. While you may temporarily feel guilty while your family and friends are getting things done around you, you should realize that this is your down time, and so it’s okay to do nothing in the middle of all of their activity. Give yourself that time and relaxation period. It is not as if anyone will make sure that you have enough.

Lastly, don’t forget to spend some time, by yourself, alone. This is part of being in your zone and in your happy place, and there is no other way that you can really feed yourself and pamper yourself or tend to your own needs if you cannot get by yourself for a few hours, at the very least.

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