Innocuous Drugs

Illicit drugs really sound bad. Anything with the word “illicit” in it sounds pretty bad, actually. In fact, sometimes people do not fully understand justInnocuous Drugs how bad both legal and illicit drugs really are until they are addicted to them. Of course, it’s a bad situation all around, but not very many people understand how easily the knife slices through them until they are actually bleeding, so to speak.

That is how it is with drugs. You often do not understand how much you are affected by them until after you have been taking them for a while. Then, your body becomes used to the chemical change inside of it. You adapt. Your body always adapts to both positive and destructive forces within it.

After that, your positive medications are not as effective, and your illicit drugs do not bring you quite as much of a high. That is a really dangerous position for many people to be in, because they then read this as the drug not working or the problem being bigger than it actually is. Hence, they abuse more drugs, good or bad, until…of course…their body becomes used to and adapted to that as well.

Drugs, from many different viewpoints, can seem innocuous. You only really feel how powerful and influential they are after you have become addicted to them and all of a sudden don’t have them, anymore. You feel the pull so strongly that you will do anything to get it taken care of. That is when the abuse really starts on a permanent, steady basis.

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