Inherent Abilities to Handle Stress: Where Are You?

There are five major classifications when it comes to the ability to handle stress. We have listed them below in order of greatest to least.Drug test equipment

Impervious. This classification allows the individual to live in the world of and interact among other people without actually letting anyone affect their being in part or as a whole. This nature is extremely adaptable to its surroundings, while also staying impervious to outside influences which would affect its basic structure and demeanor.

Adaptable. This nature is very fluid and resilient, but not on its own merit. It only adopts the nature and successes and failures of those people around it. It is very adaptable, but it cannot truly stand alone.

Weak balanced. This nature is based upon having some self sustaining identity and some adaptability, but not really enough of both to survive successfully in the world around it. There can be many people who fit this classification, and they are all living fairly normal and well rounded lives, but they are barely keeping their heads above water.

Crashing. The personality of this tends to be on a continuous downward spiral, transitioning from weak balanced to survival nature. It is almost always a transition personality and it is in constant settling motion, again toward survival and nothing else.

Survival. This classification is the level at which drug addicts and alcoholics live, along with any other major dependence which the mind or body adopts. There is no life or flourishing or growth or abundance on this level. It is merely a survival mode, where each day sees the individual scrounging for money, food, or their addiction of choice.

CMM Technology brings a business in close contact with employees of all abilities to handle stress, but it is especially important to avoid hiring people who fall into the lower weaker categories. That is why employee drug testing is used so often and so regularly. Our drug tests kits, and breathalyser recalibration service take drug testing to a whole new level. Try our saliva drug tests, like our ToxSure saliva drug test, and call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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