Individuation and the Job Market

Screening Tests, Recalibration, Recalibration ServiceIndividuation is the process someone goes through to separate themselves from parents, spouses, authority figures and strong influences in order to form their own identity and be unique from others and express their own opinions. Research has shown that people who are the most successful at work are the same people who are the most individuated from their circumstances and the people near and dear to them. These successful employees pass their employee drug tests and show interest in their coworkers and develop and maintain positive relationships with their bosses.

People who are highly individuated also tend to give the best interviews when interviewing for a job. They do not bring their baggage or their past to the application process, but allow the interviewer to enlighten them on what the job really entails and what position they would be best suited for. Individuated people are more likely to land the job, simply because they are more likely to be calm, self assured, emotionally intelligent, and self contained. Self containment is an honored trait on the jobsite, particularly in high stress jobs like fast paced, pressure driven jobs with long hours. It means that the individual can control themselves in an emergency, avoid spilling their personal problems all over their work, and can maintain a professional attitude at all time, even with difficult or volatile clientele.

On the jobsite, individuated people are able to express their own opinions without putting others down or without feeling as if they are being criticized if their viewpoint is not accepted. They can hold their own in a strong conversation or a debate, but they can also yield openly when it is appropriate to do so.

Workplace drug and alcohol testing is helpful for employers because it allows them to view which employees are breaking company policy, how many strikes they have racked up for themselves, and if they should be let go. Some employers feel that they are able to tell which employees are most likely to be fired, simply from their personality traits and level of individuation. Thankfully, employee drug testing takes the guesswork out of that. Call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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