Incorporating Small Business Drug Testing

drug free workplace,workplace drug test, oraline drug testRemember when you became an intern for a large corporation, and you were told to “dress for success”? You were expected to dress and act like you already had the job which you desired. Employee drug and alcohol testing is associated with large corporations and businesses. However, if you own a small business, this is one practice which you should pick up right away. Employee drug testing increases safety and sets a professional standard which your small company may lack. It is important to not relax even during the middle stages of business growth. Keep pushing further, try harder, learn more, and become a large corporation yourself.

First, ask us about our on-site services for your location. On-site testing is faster, more convenient, interrupts business less, and is more cost effective. Our sister company, Mediscreen, provides on-site testing services for your business. We at CMM Technology ship drug and alcohol testing equipment worldwide and we offer low prices and complete client advice to help you set up your supplies within your small business.

Second, ask us which tests are appropriate for your skill level and experience. We would like to know if you have ever used drug and alcohol testing equipment before, the number of your employees, your experience with testing of any sort, and how often you are planning to implement these services. Your business is unique and it requires different strategies than other organizations. Our experts are standing by, 24/7, to help you figure out your perfect company testing plan.

Third, find out how other small business use drug and alcohol testing. Other business practices will give you ideas and options for how you would like to implement your own plan. Small businesses rarely conform to set industry practices and your originality may be crucial to your brand name. However, knowing different options will help you put in a system in which you feel confidence. We are here to help you with that, as well.

CMM Technology offers Lion, Medix and Oraline products for your home and workplace drug and alcohol testing needs. We love our jobs, we love our business, and we know that business growth entails using alcohol and drug testing. We know that if your small business “dresses for success” it will grow much larger. CMM Technology offers testing equipment for individual, home, and office use. We would love to hear from you today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30

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