If We Were Gods and Dogs Were Men

lifeloc breathalysersMany people have throughout the course of human history of how simple things would be if we were gods instead of humans. And, more than that, if we made dogs into men, because we easily understand and can control dogs. This would, in many people’s minds, create an idealistic time here on earth, especially considering all of the normal hardships we normally suffer based upon our own human limitations.

If we were gods and dogs were men, it would seem that our world would be easily controllable and that we would be able to live easily and simply just as we are today. However, this is an incorrect interpretation of idealistic circumstances. The truth is that dogs and men are both so fallible, so prone to making mistakes and then punishing ourselves in an over-the-top manner for those mistakes that even being gods ourselves would not fix the problem. The very fact that humans have a problem separating themselves from their own problems would be one of the pieces of the glue of frustration within our hearts.

As for being gods, we would likely not even realize our full potential and capabilities if we were made gods today. It is very likely that we would continue living in fear and doubt, not really being sure of what was right or wrong, and whether or not we would be majorly judged by each other for doing things differently than the way everyone else is doing them.

So, you see, being gods and ruling over dog-like men really wouldn’t be the solution. First we must be able to live in peace and security as humans. First we must be able to create high quality and dependable circumstances for ourselves. Then, if all goes well, we might be set for godhood sometime in the future.

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