Human Resources Management

Human Resources Management (HRM) is principally concerned with managing occupational duties, roles, functions and business strategies in light of an organisation’s vision, core business, employee skill-sets/ qualifications and developments in the external business community and economic environments. HRM is also impacted by an organisation’s size, government legislation, industry sector trends, industrial tribunal rulings, business history, ownership and external political factors. However, in general terms, although there are many internal and external variables which influence HRM, most HR managers and HR departments have  3 quintessential guiding objectives*, including:

  • To achieve a profitable & sustainable organisation
  • To increase workforce competence & commitment
  • To become an employer of choice.

Consequently, an important responsibility of HRM is to ensure that an organisation has the optimal organisational structure and capability to succeed within its industry: this usually entails ensuring the required number of competent employees with appropriate skill-sets deployed at the right time and cost to meet both present and future business requirements.

In this way, HRM is a key component of good business planning. For example, when a HR Manager is provided with the strategic goals of an organisation, they become better equipped to harness, source and develop employee skill-sets to maximize the business’ capabilities to meet its strategic objectives. In this way, HR practitioners need to operate at three distinct levels:

  • Strategic: where HRM is involved in human resource planning and corporate strategy
  • Operational: at this level, HRM is focused on implementing action plans to meet both present labour needs and projected requirements
  • Functional: HRM practitioners facilitate general HR “housekeeping” activities such as interviewing candidates and managing HRIS (Human Resources Information System)

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