How workplace drug & alcohol testing can help improve your Human Resources Management

At CMM Technology, our workplace drug and alcohol testing solutions can in many instances complement your business and HR strategic, operational and functional objectives of your organisation. For example, if a “culture of risk” is identified in your organisation, or if there is an increase in unexplained accidents in the workplace, a workplace drug and alcohol testing program would be reasonable to enlist as an OHS/ HR strategy to:

  • Reduce risk
  • Increase OHS compliance
  • Enhance employer performance.

Consequently, a workplace drug and alcohol testing program can help to minimise workers’ compensation claims, boost organisational performance and ultimately company profits. Furthermore, if a comprehensive EAP, health and/ or “Fitness for Work” education program is incorporated in addition with the testing program, this added benefit would be highly conducive to enhancing an employee’s overall wellbeing and engagement level – thus helping to increase a company’s overall business “scorecard”  to the level of  “employer of choice”

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