How To Use Onsite Drug and Alcohol Testing

CMM Technology is committed to providing your business with high quality drug and alcohol testing equipment. However, you may be wondering about actual implementation of these testing procedures. This is really very simple. Onsite drug and alcohol testing is far preferable to sending all of your employees to a laboratory, a time-consuming and unproductive practice. Laboratory test results can take quite a while, your employees have to wait for long periods of time in order to complete the process, transportation must be arranged and possibly time off of work must be obtained. This will slow your productivity and your staff may feel resentful about the extra hassle. The solution: onsite testing where your employees do not have to leave their place of employment in order to fulfill safety protocol. It is convenient, it is cost effective, and it is more pleasant for everyone. What are the steps which you should take?

1. Determine your schedule and available times for testing

Our sister company, Mediscreen, offers onsite testing 24/7. This is not only convenient for certain industries with a high percentages of night laborers, but it ensures flexibility and commitment to your schedule.

2. Determine the available annual budget for your workplace drug and alcohol testing

Mediscreen can adjust how often per year that you schedule your testing, according to your specific company needs. This means that onsite drug and alcohol testing is available for small businesses, as well as large corporations. There is no need to overextend yourself in order to order testing services or testing equipment. Both Mediscreen and CMM Technology are here for you.

3. Ask questions before you begin!

You may find unexpected surprises if you begin any business relationship without questioning and examining all of your subjective assumptions. Surprises are not always pleasant! Make sure that you receive full explanations and documentation of testing procedures, where the testing equipment will be stored, employee records and security protocols. Onsite testing includes the benefit of storing employee records on company property, which many employees may find more reassuring and private than storing their records offsite. Include payment arrangements and scheduling reminders among your questions. Also remember to ask about the coordinator who will take care of the requirements for your specific company. Make sure that this individual is someone with whom you wish to continue your business relationship and ask to speak with them directly before continuing with your plans.

Contact CMM Technology for your testing equipment: +618-9204-2500, and Mediscreen for your onsite testing services: +1300-79-70-40.

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