How to Handle the Yelling and the High Tension Jobsite

BreathalyserThere are some jobsites, such as stagehand work at your local civic center, which involves a lot of yelling and a lot of tension in getting things done right and getting them done quickly.

One of the best ways to effectively handle yelling and high tension is to not become excited yourself. If you remain calm, then your thoughts are calm, and you can quickly and easily assess a situation. If, however, an employee is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, then their effectiveness can go out the window, because they are not so easily able to control their own emotions.

Some employees use the excuse of drugs or alcohol to say that they are keeping themselves from being too excited. They are taking downer drugs, which includes alcohol. However, the truth is that these drugs also make them more uninhibited, so their natural self restraint is stripped away, and they are likely to offend coworkers, cause accidents, have slowed or weirdly functioning reflexes and can in general put everyone in more danger, not to mention the fact that they are causing everyone else to have to work harder.

Employee drug testing is so effective for this type of predicament. You are eliminating bosses who are domineering or who abuse their own power, and you are eliminating employees who are not emotionally competent to keep themselves together, even during the easy times. It is therefore essential to the happiness of your company that you find some saliva drug tests and some breathalyser devices, and put them to use. We can help with that. We not only distribute drug test equipment, but we also provide a recalibration service for your company. We can fulfill any of the employee drug testing needs which you may have. Try our oral fluid drug test, like our ToxSure saliva drug test, and see how easy and cost effective it can be to make sure that all of your employees are fit for duty and fitting properly into their employee roles. For more information about drug testing in Western Australia, call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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