How to effectively deploy your employment drug and alcohol tests

If your workplace has deemed it necessary to conduct mandatory drug and alcohol testing, the most effective deployment of this risk reduction strategy is to conduct testing on a regular basis. By implementing frequent random and blanket testing, workplaces are able to ensure employees are routinely screened so that ‘risk’ is proactively minimised.

Another added benefit to introducing blanket and random testing within your workplace is that accusations of “discrimination” are nullified, especially if an automated scheduling system is introduced. (For more information, talk to our onsite screening partner Mediscreen about their random, automated onsite testing service on 1300 79 70 40). However, if your workplace decides to implement its own testing program (which is competently and frequently administered), a “climate of risk” is also effectively achieved by deterring potential drug users from risk behaviour within the workplace.

CMM Technology offer VETAB accredited training in workplace drug and alcohol testing to ensure our clients are legally authorised, trained and fully equipped to manage their in-house testing program. These courses not only cover industry best practices but are also aligned to the Australian national legal guidelines set by the Australian Standards peak body as follows:

  • The Australian Urine Drug Testing Standard 4308:2008
  • The Australian Saliva Drug Testing Standard AS4760:2006.

For more information regarding these guidelines, please visit the Australian Standards website at or call CMM Technology on (+618) 9204 2500.

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