How to Be Influential

Breathalyser, Urine Drug Test, Drug test KitsAhhh, you remember that moment when your child stops caring about your opinion and no longer thinks of you as their hero. Being influential is great if you have never had that much power before, and it certainly can go to your head when you exercise a great deal of influence over people who give you their undivided attention. How does one go about exercising this amount of influence?

Mind your own business. One never thinks to follow the example of those who are minding other people’s business all the time. After all, they seem so intent on avoiding their own lives and problems and personal interests that there is no reason to not avoid their lives as well.

Work with intent. When you devote your full attention and intention on your work, then it obviously matters to you in the eyes of others and they become interested in what you have to say and in what you are doing. Your passion is partially a sign of your expertise.

Be of service. This one seems simple, but there are many ways to be of service to someone which we often ignore. You can get them a cup of coffee, help them clear out their work at the end of the day, offer them a ride to an appointment, take them out to lunch, or invite them to your home for a nice warm home-cooked meal.

Utilise drug and alcohol testing. Many employers expect their employees to grudgingly and unwillingly be tested for drugs and alcohol, but your attitude affects their behavior more than anything else. If you make a big dramatic deal about it, then they are more likely to resent the process and feel that is a violation of their personal freedom. However, if you act professionally and as if it is no big deal, then they are not likely to even notice it that much. “Okay, guys, after you are done with your drug test, meet everyone out front and we’ll all go to lunch at McGinntey’s.”

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