How Drug and Alcohol Testing Improves Efficiency

In our businesses, it is of primary importance to obtain and keep a high rate of efficiency. We make more money per hour, we are more productive, and we are more satisfied in our accomplishments. A low hourly wage is not detrimental simply because of the low income, but also because typically efficiency is low and therefore no pride is to be obtained in your work.

Efficiency is key.

In an article on different types of theoretical and measurable efficiency models, Harvey Leibenstein [1] discusses how efficiency is a multi-dimensional tool which applies and reacts differently to multiple economic, industrial, corporate, managerial and personal situations. One cannot simply isolate one factor of output and understand the efficiency of different types of input. Obviously, net income is something to be evaluated, but teamwork, job security, personal and teamed motivation, ethics, quality standards and wages are all to be considered, as well. It is unfortunate that public relations, human resources and the multi-dimensional universe of marketing do not always receive the credit which they so richly deserve. It is the pulling together of all required resources which creates the solid, strong yet flexible company.

As a manager or executive, you have experienced the necessity of making judgment calls in order to effectively run your business. You simply cannot deal with every client in a cookie-cutter fashion, nor can you stick solely to company protocol when leniency or aggression is called for in specific circumstances. You must use wisdom, discretion and a lot of knowledge and work experience in order to remain successful and at the top of your game within your business. This is the reason why you are happy to hire someone with a lot of varied expertise and years of experience. They will be more qualified to step into your shoes, while you delegate this type of decision-making to them.

Drug and alcohol testing is a staple of your habitual business operations. It reduces employee turnover, increases client trust and return business, facilitates a safe, comfortable, creative working environment, reduces individual levels of stress, encourages tolerance and ethical behavior, demands personal accountability and delivers high quality results. CMM Technology produces excellent drug and alcohol testing equipment and we are committed to improving your efficiency within your business. Our job is to help you succeed, and we can do this within your budget. Contact CMM Technology today: +618-9204-2500.

1. Leibenstein, Harvey. “Allocative Efficiency VS. “X-Efficiency”.” JSTOR. N.p., n.d. Web. 26 May 2011.

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