Hope for the Future

Hope is a beautiful sentiment, often expressed in poetry and art and religion. However, in practical life, not many individuals have made a crafted art out of hope. In fact, in many cultures, hope is considered to be unrealistic or not quite living in the real world. It has ethereal and vague connotations, much like a cloud which can be seen from afar, but cannot ever actually be touched.

Interestingly enough, psychology has found that the case for hope is much larger than you might expect. Humans cannot live without hope, and when all hope seems to be gone and distant hope no longer seems to be feasible, many people exercise what little control they believe they possess over their lives and commit suicide. Obviously, this ethereal little wisp of cloud does indeed count for something.

When an individual has not achieved the emotional growth to handle adult lifestyles and responsibilities, they often revert back to an emotional age with which they have a connection, such as eight or twelve or sixteen. This tends to be the age at which they developed emotionally, before they stopped growing in this area. The reason why many alcoholics and drug addicts are from a generational line of addicts is that if one parent cannot grow past a certain age, then their children cannot hope to do so, either. Alcoholics and drug addicts often feel hopeless, but they feel in temporary control of their lives and like they are adults when they abuse their substance of choice. For this reason, many addicts only feel hope when they are feeling the effects of their drug.

Hope for the future is about anticipating what will reproduce and create more hope, and what will kill off and diminish hope. Drug and alcohol testing in the workplace allows you to anticipate both sides of this scenario with regard to each of your employees. It is about creating an environment of new growth, fresh scenery, delight and anticipation for what tomorrow may bring, and of course, fostering more and more hope. Call CMM Technology today:(+61) 1300 79 70 30


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