Homo Scorn and Emotional Freedom

Homo Scorn and Emotional FreedomWhether you are born that way or choose to live a homosexual lifestyle, it really doesn’t matter. Emotions can run high if you are publicly or privately scorned for being a homosexual. In fact, you can really draw some bad people into your life if you are constantly exposed to this ridicule and then become used to it.

Many people all over the world who are homosexual endure a great deal of pain and judgment due to their sexual orientation. However, if you know yourself well enough to know where and how you are sensitive to criticism, then you can make yourself really available to positive and neutral feedback and avoid the negative feedback or stress triggers altogether.

In fact, everyone should have this level of self awareness, so that they can make their lives flow smoothly in the right direction. It is all a part of doing what is right and good for yourself, rather than continually catering to the wants and needs of everyone else first.

This mentality often permeates the workplace, especially among lower level employees. There is a societal stigma against tending to your own needs first rather than making sure you are strong first before tending to the needs of others. And the poor to lower-middle classes are continuously starving themselves to help other people and everyone goes hungry in the end.

You have to take care of yourself first, and this is the first step in living a drug free or alcohol free life.

Whether you are homosexual or heterosexual, there is a certain amount of self preservation which is at stake here. If you abuse substances, then you are taking away your own ability to protect and guard yourself from outside influence. Believe me, outside influence gains unbearable sway of your life when you are too weak to resist the drink or the drug.

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