Home Eviction and Resulting Alcoholism

Alcohol Test, Drug test Kits, Drug Test, Drug TestingHome foreclosures and apartment evictions are generally the result of being laid off of work, being downsized, your pay being reduced, going into further debt which you are unable to handle, or simply not having enough money anymore. Government programs and services seek to aid families or individuals whose homes are in the process of being lost, but the current global financial crisis is creating a problem which this help is not big enough to handle. As a result, lifestyle changes can take place, rather dramatic ones, and this can lead to drug or alcohol abuse. In your own company, one or more of your employees may have suffered the loss of a family member who contributed to the income, they have made some bad financial decisions, or they may be overwhelmed with debt. In the case that they lose their homes and still remain employed in your business, it is a good idea to make sure that they stay on track by implementing drug and alcohol testing in your workplace and especially by keeping breathalyser devices on hand to test for alcohol abuse. Why is this a good idea?

Gary Bennett, Melissa Scharoun-Lee, and Reginald Tucker-Seeley discuss the health repercussions to home foreclosures in a study. They found that “Unhealthful behaviors may be used to cope with stressful life events. Stress is positively associated with myriad such health behaviors, including tobacco use [49,50], alcohol consumption [51], sleep dysregulation [52], and weight gain…” and that individuals whose homes had been foreclosed went through several stages of stress intake, which made them more susceptible to being “chronically stressed” or, in other words, stuck in poverty. Workplace drug testing for recently evicted employees is not only advisable at this point, but almost necessary. The attitudes which arise from continuous poverty and a high stress saturation are not the attitudes which are best, or in some cases even competent, for work or normal job responsibilities. Your company is not only held accountable for your employees’ behavior, but also for its own responsibilities to the shareholders, business owners, and asset managers. It is in your business’s best interest to implement regular drug and alcohol testing.

At CMM Technology, we believe in avoiding regression into unsafe professional habits when one’s home is lost. Our drug and alcohol testing equipment can safeguard both the professional attitudes and the physical safety of any employees who are in such a situation. Call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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