Home and Well Balanced Personalities

Did you know that you can determine a great deal about a person’s mentality and well-roundedness by how they keep their home? This is a somewhat touchy subject for some people, because of the personal nature of this problem, but your home describes a great deal about how you think and what parts of your life are actively used. So, what do we mean by this?

For example, if someone’s dining room is extremely under furnished, dusty, neglected looking and even cold in temperature, they probably do not do a great deal of entertaining. If their personal care stations, such as their bathrooms and their vanity dressers, are unkempt and cluttered and dirty, then they are probably not as well-groomed as they could be. And, if their kitchens are dirty, under used, messy, and especially if the floors are particularly dirty, there is a good chance that they are undernourished and do not feed themselves as well as they should. A home is, in essence, a larger organism which reflects the physical and emotional properties of the individual. On television, we may see stereotyped versions of housewives and home-keepers who are dysfunctional, but with incredibly clean and tidy homes, but this is not a very accurate representation of reality. In real life, people live how they are. People live in situations which reflect who they are as people.

This is one of the reasons why many people hate for outsiders to see their dirty house. And this is also one of the main reasons why alcoholics and drug addicts have a problem with even close friends and family coming into their homes. On some sub-conscious level, they are aware of the correlation between the two. On some deeper level, they understand that it is not just about how other people perceive the way they run a house or a household. They understand that, if they were as healthy as they would like to be, their homes would look a lot different on both the inside and the outside. Stereotypes and perceptions exist for a reason. They tend to stem from reality.


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