Hiring Former Drug Addicts and Alcoholics

Workplace Drug Test, Drug Testing In Western Australia If you are in an executive position in your company, you understand exactly how important asset protection and management is. This can potentially be put into jeopardy if you hire employees who may return to previously addictive or abusive behaviors. This is an issue which should be watched carefully. Employee turnover is expensive. Employee drug or alcohol abuse is a liability. Employees under the influence can cause accidents, or worse, fatalities. Drug and alcohol testing has become outrageously important in the last decade and will continue to be so.

Often, hiring former drug addicts or alcoholics is a necessary evil. You need the work done, they need the employment, and you are concerned about how well they will contribute to your revenue since they are partially a liability. A potential liability is a risk and anyone who is handy with risk will tell you that it should be managed, not avoided completely. Risk is a part of life and we should all strive to learn how to manage risk, rather than running in the opposite direction. Realistically speaking, there is no such thing as a sure thing. How can you use workplace drug testing to your advantage?

Well, to begin, drug and alcohol testing will help you to evaluate the level of risk you actually possess. Sometimes, there are flukes in your employees’ behavior which are due to their personal lives, and employee drug testing will help you to determine how much of this is due to stress in their homes and how much is due to drug abuse or alcoholism. Breathalyser devices are portable and perfect for quick evaluations. After all, you are responsible for their actions on the jobsite and you must be sure that former addicts are carefully watched. Many companies have a “three strikes and you’re out” policy, giving employees a second chance to redeem themselves. Some businesses employ a zero tolerance policy where the first offence equals being fired. The latter case may be helpful in protecting your business from former addicts, simply because word-of-mouth would dictate that alcoholics or drug addicts are less likely to even apply for employment.

A casual attitude and flexibility are warranted in many areas of running your business, but you may wish to tighten the reigns with employees who have a previous record of substance abuse. CMM Technology alleviates this concern by providing excellent drug tests and breathalyser devices worldwide. Contact us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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