Highly Functioning Alcoholics

Recalibration, Recalibration ServiceIn the world of alcoholism, there are levels of functioning ability among alcoholics. Drinkers who are highly functioning are individuals who are able to maintain jobs, lifestyles, and even keep a few friends during their alcoholism, even if it is rampant and particularly destructive. Highly functioning alcoholics may even be able to keep the same job for many years at a time and even get promoted and maintain positive work relationships with their bosses. When their bosses implement workplace drug and alcohol testing, they are very likely to pass, because they never or rarely show up to work intoxicated in any way.

Highly functioning alcoholics also tend to create a world around themselves in which they can both live and drink all of the booze they want. This means that they are inherently against change or events not going according to plan. They tend to be critical of things which may threaten their well-laid plans and which may disrupt their lifestyle, even in a positive direction. If they are lenient, they tend to be lenient only about specific things which they may be disproportionally accepting of.

What makes a highly functioning alcoholic? Typically, they do not enter the disease from a highly functioning lifestyle and then implement the alcoholism. On the contrary, they tend to already be alcoholics who have a high need for survival, security and four walls around them. At that point, their alcoholism is getting in the way of having those things, so they a plan where they can have both worlds. Typically, highly functioning alcoholics are unable to maintain long term relationships with close family members or potential romantic partners because others disrupt their carefully balanced world far too much.

In the workplace, highly functioning drinkers tend to avoid anything which will jeopardize this balance by maintaining a low profile, taking care of minimum requirements and occasionally doing more than what is expected, to be on the safe side. They also tend to not push people too far, simply because that would also go against their perceived safety net.

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