High School and the Mini Civilization

BreathalyserHigh school is necessary for many people to leave their childhood behind and to learn why they must interact with civilization out in the real world. In this close, somewhat protected environment of new adults, they create their own mini civilization and carry out important duties which they will be using out in the real world.

There is “keeping up with the Jones’.” There is student government. There are debates and well thought out arguments. There are competitions, both sporting and academic. There are business transactions, both legitimate bake sale ones and illegitimate drug deals.

Coming into high school from earlier schools and combining everything into this instantaneous universe, many kids feel isolated, cut off from the rest, in over their heads, and thoroughly overwhelmed. That is, by everything except the stoners. The druggies always make you feel welcome and at home with yourself. They always put a positive spin on things because they are high a great deal of the time they are in class.

Of course, no kid wants to choose to “zone out,” but the temptation is high when their stress levels and pressures from school and home are through the roof. Not every kid can handle the same thing at the same time.

When compared to nothing BUT pressure, taking the edge off really does not seem that bad. Employee drug testing is necessary today, because the transition can be this clean. The knife can go in this smoothly.

Drug test equipment is not part of a vast scheme to “take away all the fun.” It’s part of a vast scheme to have living breathing humans in your office and on your jobsite, rather than mindless, unproductive zombies. That is a rare thing to find if you look at the majority of your lower level employees. If they are not ambitious college graduates, they may not be as clear on what their direction should be in life or at work. Oral fluid drug tests and urine drug tests can reveal that this confusion is not just skin deep. They are still swimming in an ocean of gray, where everything is conveniently the same.

Join reality, and see just how different things can be. Call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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