High Hazard Success and Operations

High hazard industries require so many standards and regulations in order to remain safe for workers who are employed in them. Each rule and High Hazard Success and Operationsregulation is in place for a reason and any person with a lick of common sense understands this. However, one of the most basic and most widely used regulation is that of employee drug and alcohol testing. Workplace drug testing affords the business the right to have any of their employees, or all of them, tested for drugs and alcohol on a regular basis. For this, you will need alcohol breathalyser devices and drug tests, both of which are provided by CMM Technology.

Employees and workers can show up while under the influence of a substance, or they can bring it on the jobsite with them. Either way, it is extremely dangerous and endangers the lives of other employees and even non-company citizens. It becomes necessary to fully understand the circumstances under which these hazards can occur. If someone is under the influence, they can forget to read the safety gauge, use safety goggles or other protective equipment, they can forget that they cannot light their cigarettes around flammable materials or hazardous gases. They can forget to give someone a message about changes which have been made to digging, mining or building plans. They can become obstreperous and violent with their coworkers or with their managers. They can accidentally leave a valve open which should be closed, and vice versa. They can cause an explosion by their lack of safety protocols.

High hazard industries are notorious for occasionally having fatalities or mass injuries which must be investigated. It would be worth it to know for sure that drug and alcohol testing protocols were followed to the letter, in these instances. Please consider how the reputation of your company is affected by the community around it.

For employee drug testing and alcohol testing, CMM Technology provides saliva drug tests, urine drug tests, and alcohol breathalyser devices for all of your business and testing needs. We are free to answer any questions that you may have. Call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.



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