High Energy Job Performance

Saliva Drug Test, Breathalyser, Workplace Drug TestWorkplace drug and alcohol abuse is considered synonymous with laziness, low motivation and parasitical habits. Does this mean that high energy can counteract the temptation to abuse substances? Indeed, it does. No longer will you need to just fulfill minimum work requirements. High productivity is a choice of the individual, not something which can effectively be imposed by someone in authority in your business. Drug and alcohol testing exists to facilitate this mindset, but the choice itself must arise within each employee of their own volition.

There is a saying among top world-class business leaders, “You can manage systems. It is impossible to manage people.” A study by Murray R. Barrick and Michael K. Mount investigates different personality traits and levels of emotional stability and physical activity compared with job performance, namely, job performance, training performance, and personnel data. The article discusses how conscientiousness and emotional stability are key factors in high energy job performance and how they are directly related to employee satisfaction and excelling of industry standards. Now, we know that drug and alcohol testing is a vital part in maintaining emotional stability, as well as creating a type of protective shell around individual autonomous work decisions. This is why workplace drug testing is such a key factor in high hazard industries, such as construction and mining. It facilitates high productivity, which in turn decreases stress and pressure to work, which in turn increases job performance. It is an upward spiral and to be encouraged, especially when working with unions.

This high energy is a choice, but one which requires supervision. Employees need to retain their autonomous decision making and style of completing work tasks, but they feel safer and report higher job satisfaction when that freedom is encased within an outer layer of supervision and management for which they are not personally responsible. It is a careful balance which must be achieved by management, to give plenty of room for innovation and creativity, but also to provide a protective enclosure on the work environment so that the business system as a whole is managed. Drug and alcohol testing is a crucial part of this protective enclosure. It allows you to give your workers more freedom in their daily tasks. Contact CMM Technology today to find out more about drug tests and breathalyser devices: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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