Have Courage, Have Heart

Alcohol TestingThis article is intended to address the growing concern worldwide about the future. For the first time, in some nations, citizens are expecting the next five years to be worse than the last five years. Worldwide, fear is growing and consuming every last plan for tomorrow that many people have. Have hope. All is not lost. There is still hope, and it comes from you. Contrary to popular belief, governments cannot dictate our lifestyle or our level of income. Authorities cannot take away our freedoms, and bureaucracies cannot trap us into an ever sinking mire of debt. There is…always…hope. When individuals make their budgets, they no longer plan for years from now, but for their immediate future, for they feel that they know not what tomorrow may bring. Oh, but you do know this. Tomorrow will bring whatever you bring to it. Years from now will dictate what you have created during those years. You cannot be robbed. You cannot be thwarted or overrun with hopelessness. You have ultimate power, and your present, past and future are all within your own domain, under your own leadership, and obedient to your command. Today, fear may be everywhere, but your presence remains clean of such fear if you keep it so.

In businesses worldwide, previous practices of normal everyday life are sometimes interrupted (and never returned to) due to this fear. However, it is more important than ever to anticipate the need to adapt, but to keep everything as stable as possible, in the meantime, before and after any decisions are made. At CMM Technology, we want you to know that drug and alcohol test prices are reasonable and you can afford to comfortable test your employees for alcohol and drugs without needing to change that particular practice. We want you to know how incredibly valued you are, and how much we will all strive to remain in business and alliances with you for as long as we are one of the alcohol and drug testing equipment suppliers in Australia. We carry Lion Alcoblow, Lion SD 400, and Lion SD 500, as well as LifeLoc FC10 personal breathalysers. Good drug and alcohol test prices really are attainable. Call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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