Happiness On the Job

Employee Drug Testing, Saliva Drug Test, BreathalyserHappiness at work is relative and high subjective. As an employer or manager, you know that employee job satisfaction and personal happiness is crucial in maintaining good performance and high productivity. In fact, even with a correct business system, personal problems in their lives can cause them to temporarily perform below par. Fortunately, most of this is taken care of with a good, automatic system into which employees simply plug themselves and perform their duties without having to give much thought to their actions or how fast they are coming up with creative solutions. As a rule, automated systems need to eliminate the need for thought and therefore will be geared toward fast movement and labor intensive actions combined with little or no decision making or creative process. Conversely, jobs which require more creativity also require almost unlimited and unregulated time. This is so that ideas can come to the surface and be played with and manipulated without pressure or monetary gain affected how high quality of the end product is. Drug and alcohol testing is part of an integrated system where both labour intensive actions and creative processes are benefitted.

One of the most important things to remember about happiness upon the jobsite is that employees each have their own style and their own system for doing things. Often, these unique personality traits are the reason for repeat customers. Many times, consumers or clients refer individual people at a company, rather than the company itself. In this way, it is important to remember that you should give your staff members as much leniency as possible so that they can build and foster these relationships with their coworkers and with your employees. One of the ways that you can maintain watch and control, however, is through the use of drug and alcohol testing. This frees them up to do their work their way, and it frees you up to trust in their abilities without becoming involved and micromanaging them.

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