Happily Ever After

In the fairy tale world, there are so many things that seem beyond our touch. Sometimes, our relationships Happily Ever Afterwith other humans seem to be so mottled that even the “happily ever after” in the fairy tale universe seems to be out of our reach, too.

This is not the case, however. There are so many things which humans test each other on. They fall apart and come together in a wide variety of scenarios. The entire process is called interacting with other humans, but really it seems to be a kind of 17th Century dance, if you think about it.

Happily ever after can be achieved in this lifetime, and seems more possible if you look at it as this kind of dance which temporarily breaks humans apart and brings them back together. The movement of the bodies in these old dance steps really shows the flow of maturity and human intelligence in the society of Old England and the former days of France.

Human interactions must continue in the modern day office and jobsite. As with all interactions, there are temporary spats, breaking apart, coming together, and reorganizing of everyone involved.

The trick is to stabilize the workplace environment as much as possible, and that means leaving out employees who bring an undue amount of drama with them, particularly those who are dependent upon drugs or alcohol. Their influence is too far reaching and too destructive to be ignored. That is why CMM Technology is called upon to distribute drug test kits and alcohol breathalysers to businesses all over Australia. We aim to help you determine who among your staff is fit for duty, and who is not. Things like oral fluid drug tests, as well as urine drug tests, are aimed at helping you read your employees on a less personal, but more accurate, level. If anyone is abusing substances, the drug test equipment from CMM Technology will help you find out about it. Then, you can deal with this information however you see fit.

The most important thing to remember about this is that you are in control. Truly, a happily ever after scenario: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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