Habitual and Learned Growth

Drug test equipmentHabitual and learned growth occurs most often out of necessity. An individual absolutely must get something done in order to survive or in order to meet a necessary goal. Therefore, they grow out of necessity. Their habits are forced upon them. They must have certain restrictions and follow them. They must do well in their goals.

Habits are often formed by doing something twenty one or forty days in a row. They are also formed by living with someone who has those habits already. It is truly a great thing and very convenient to live with someone who already has habits which you want to acquire, but it is just as destructive to live with someone who has bad habits which you want to avoid. There is always a mix of the energies of two people living together, as much as they might wish otherwise, and this can cause a lot of friction, not to mention a lot of dilution of concentrated individuality.

At CMM Technology, we desire to help your business retain as much of its original, undiluted spirit as possible, but it can be diluted through low quality employees who do not understand nor wish to experience the vibrancy and purpose of your company. Onsite drug testing, using high quality drug test kits and personal breathalyser devices, can help your business by giving you data, or information if you will, on all of your employees. This means that you would have complete drug and alcohol results on every single one of your workers, and that would enable you to more fully determine your next course of action.

After all, habitual and learned growth is only kept up by regularly weeding the garden and trimming the overgrowth. A business which is truly kept in line must be cultivated through the use of various tools, such as drug test equipment and our breathalyser recalibration service. Our saliva drug tests are popular, particularly our ToxSure saliva drug test. We recommend to you to browse our website and look at the tools which would be most useful for your own business. If you have any questions at all or if you wish to place an order, call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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