Habits of Teens Grown Older

oraline drug test,medixIt is generally assumed that most drug abuse and alcoholism begins (and frequently ends) during the teenage years, when youthful ambition seeks new and varied ways to express its newfound authority and dominance. Even individuals in their early twenties are sometimes excused for simply continuing their youthful exploits a little longer than most. However, it is around the upper twenties when habits which seemed small and meaningless become more hardcore and lead to social ostracizing…for, after all, they should know better by that time.

It is precisely during those rebellious teen years when the outright thwarting of authority figures and rules becomes so glamorous. It is a bit like putting on a mask and wielding a gun during an armed robbery. All of a sudden, you are in control, not the other person. You have the power and the decision-making and the say-so. Combine this influential position with the validation from equally spirited peers, and it becomes enticing and seductive.

Adults are meant to be serious-minded, stabile, reliable and conservative in their actions. The teen years do not bespeak adulthood just yet, though. It is this crack of light between the two powerful worlds of childhood and adulthood that is so alluring. For a short period of time, you can be everything, do it all, and you recognize no boundaries.

Unfortunately, many young (and even older) adults attempt to bring this experience into the responsible, working environment. Rules have been set in place, boundaries are acknowledged regularly, time is managed, and stipulations are set even on infrequent behavior. Even so, when sexual advances, unkempt appearance, and a lazy work ethic are banned from one’s lifestyle, there is still the possibility of abusing substances as in the days of your youth. Typically, this behavior occurs in poorly monitored businesses, high-stress industries, and jobs where behavior is not a precedent, just a guideline.

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