Guilt versus Shame

TED talks are public speeches given by experts and innovators in their field to an auditorium to gifted experts in other fields. In a TED talk, Brene Brown, who studies shame, guilt and vulnerability, discusses how hard it is for people to be vulnerable and how this is easily tied in with shame. In fact, vulnerability is not weakness, but many people use it together with shame in order to not accomplish the things in life they want to accomplish and in order to not live dangerously and take risks. Brene Brown discusses how many people are able to utilize taking risks in their lives conversely with shame, and counter-conversely with guilt. What exactly does that mean?

Guilt and shame are not the same thing. Guilt is feeling bad for a certain action, and wanting to take responsibility for it. Shame is feeling bad for being a certain person, and leads to steadfast avoidance of vulnerability. According to Brown, vulnerability and taking risks is the only way to get what we want out of life, and this after she studied the subjects for eight years. If we cannot embrace our vulnerability, learn to take responsibility for our actions, and avoid judging ourselves as people and subjecting ourselves to shame, then we can do anything in our lives.

In fact, people who are good at being vulnerable and taking risks are more likely to feel guilt and take responsibility for their actions, without turning this pain inward and feeling shame instead. Brown talks about how shame is counterproductive, but taking risks and taking responsibility for your actions are both highly productive. How does this apply to drug testing?

Many people who are addicts of either drugs or alcohol constantly turn this inward and judge themselves as people. Conversely, they also find it extremely difficult to take responsibility for their own actions. The solution to the problem, should you be prone to addictive behavior or an addictive mindset? Take a little risk, be a little vulnerable, and take responsibility for your actions. The shame will be unlearned as you go.

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