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Drug Testing, Workplace Drug Testing, Urine Drug TestYou can safeguard your business against the threat of drug using employees. And while these employees who use substances are often unidentifiable unless one is trained in AOD issues, there are a number of approaches your workplace can adopt to help you combat associated issues that are part and parcel of employing a drug user in your organization or on your site.

Drug Testing

Drug testing can be used as one of the most effective methods to stop drug using in the workplace. Many organizations in the US and in Europe now advertise their drug testing policies and procedures and this has helped to deter potential employees with substance abuse issues from applying for employment at these organizations. According to Elizabeth Hartney “drug testing offers an objective and generally accurate way to establish the truth of someone’s drug use.”[1] website also states that on current trends, “…drug testing at work is probably the single most effective weapon we have against adult substance abuse. It is a proven low cost strategy which identifies those needing help, reduces demand, cuts accident and sick leave, improves attendance and increases productivity.”[2]

In fact, US studies have revealed that substance abusers – which includes those using alcohol – are up to 33% less efficient and productive and are over twice as likely to be late, “four times as likely to hurt others or themselves at work, five times more likely to sue for compensation and ten times more likely to miss work.”[3] The website also noted that “when the state of Ohio introduced random drug testing, they found absenteeism dropped 91%, there were 88% less reported problems with supervisors and a 97% decrease in on the job injuries.”[4] The results were so overwhelmingly favourable that many organisations in Ohio are now screening applicants for jobs before they are even employed.

Worst case scenarios

While the issues outlined in Ohio may seem mild, when compiled and viewed statistically, they lead to a severe erosion of your profits and your productivity. Just one drug dependant or drug-addled employee can do considerable harm, and worst case scenarios can even result in theft, assault, grievous bodily harm and police intervention in the workplace. Extreme cases of worst case drug employee scenarios can do long-term damage to your brand, your corporate image and your community standing and reputation. Western Australia’s Department of Commerce states that violence in the workplace can indeed be linked in with “someone under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.”[5] And there is no doubt testing may certainly help to offset or prevent drug related violence and outbursts in the workplace.

CMM Technology supports the use of drug and alcohol testing in the workplace and believes it has the capacity to significantly reduce OH&S related issues and problems. A programme that utilises quality testing technologies is important for your business and can help with your profit margins and your sense of workplace safety and security.

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