Grooming Yourself

Grooming YourselfYou have all heard of the phrase “so and so is being groomed for this new position in the company.” It has to do with preparing someone to fill a high quality position in a business. Well, you do not have to wait to be groomed to fill one of those positions. You do groom yourself to fill it, just in case.

First, find out if there is someone already in that position. Even if it is someone you dislike, learn from them, hang around them, copy them, and ask them questions about how they (in that position) interact with the company. After all, if you can learn from someone who already has the job you want, it will better prepare you for that role.

Next, start acting and dressing like them. It is very important that you do not neglect your current job. However, the responsibilities of doing your current job well and taking on some work or ideas for your new job is what being groomed is all about. If you cannot handle the pressure of doing both, then you may not be able to handle the pressure of the newer, more powerful position.

Lastly, understand that you must be better at the new job than anyone who currently is filling the position. This means that you may continue to have your old job status and title while you are doing extra work for the company related to or directly involved with the new position. Don’t be shy. Tell your bosses that you are vying for that position and any advice they can give to you to aid you in your progress is welcome. Then, take their advice. Be teachable. Learn well.

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