Gastrointestinal Success

Have you been feeling tired, fatigued or sluggish lately? How about for a specific period of time? In many cases, this is due to simple gastrointestinal overload. In simple terms, your food is taking too long to clear your intestines and bowel and leave your body. Although the percentages cited by researchers vary between 60% and 80%, it is still widely known that digestion takes up well over fifty percent of your body’s energy resources. This is why your body may feel tired or sluggish up to four hours after a meal, especially if the meal is carbohydrate based, such as bread, grain, pasta, cake, cookies and other refined grain products. Although healthy vegetables, such as potatoes, are considered to be high in carbohydrates, these are complex carbohydrates and in many ways are more easily digested than simple carbohydrates. So what cleans your digestion out so that things run smoothly through your colon?

Well, the shortest and most obvious answer is to drink a bottle of prune juice. However, this is a very painful process (albeit relatively quick) to undergo, because the prune juice creates large amounts of gas through your intestines, which rolls over itself and thoroughly cleans out your intestine, during eight to twelve long and excruciating hours.

The simple and far less painful solution is to simply eat more organic meat, raw fruits and vegetables, and drink plenty of hot water (preferably hot lemon water) along with your more refined cakes and breads. The composition of refined foods tends to become compressed down into a hard little knot, which must then travel throughout your digestive system and takes a really long time to get through, and drains the majority of your body’s energy during the entire progress of its transit. Hot lemon water, well-chewed raw vegetables, and easily digested meat (meat is always easily digested) are excellent ways to thin out the hard lumps of refined food, melt down existing lumps, and bring your bowel movement to fruition within thirty minutes of eating.

Since drugs and alcohol also act as refined foods and take a great deal of time to leave your body, it is an additional benefit to have employee drug testing within your business on a regular basis. At the very least, it helps keep things running smoothly in all areas of your business. Call CMM Technology today for information on drug and alcohol testing equipment:(+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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