Gambling Addictions and Drug Abuse

Workplace Drug Test, Chain Of Custody, BreathalyserThe number one rule of the gambling addict is that lucky streaks do exist; the odds magically improve as you keep winning, and the house does not always win in the end. The addictive gambler believes that he or she is smart enough to beat the house or anyone else at their own game. All they need is a little bit of luck and some gambling savvy, and they are all set to go. Sound familiar? Not yet? Allow me to reset the last paragraph:

The number one rule of the drug addict is that permanent highs do exist, the odds of achieving long-term/permanent happiness and bliss improve as more drugs are internalised, and not all drug addicts suffer the physical repercussions of abusive behavior. The addictive druggie believes that he or she is smart enough to know when to quit and how much is too much at any given point. All they need is a little bit of luck and….

Okay, I think I made my point. Addiction, no matter what type it is, can be one of the most destructive habits one brings into one’s life, because of two things: 1. It is physically highly dangerous and very harmful, and 2. It is perpetuated almost entirely by self deception. Self deception is a cycle that you start all by yourself, continue all by yourself, and ultimately end all by yourself.Self deception is a rat race of continually telling yourself that your addiction is a good thing and that you have it completely under control, so you can abuse all you desire to, and a rat race of continually believing what you have just told yourself. This is why addicts cannot be changed by outsiders. They must want to change themselves and they must put in their own sweat and blood to get their goal of being clean. Often, outsiders believe that the will power of addicts just has to be broken, because it is the will power that is keeping them stubbornly tied to their booze or their heroin. The truth is, they have created the beginning, middle, and end of their addiction, and nobody else can deconstruct their internal theme park for them. They have to do it themselves. Drug and alcohol testing is one of the ways in which this highly introspective cycle of make-believe is stopped and put outside the walls of your beloved workplace.

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