Gaining Respect without Words

Respect is something which is felt, not stated. You cannot give or receive respect by the spoken word, but it can be transferred by attitude,Gaining Respect without Words demeanor, and many other ways of speaking nonverbally. Respect must be felt within oneself before it can be given to another, and therefore people who are small and mean and cowardly cannot believably give respect to another. Nobody really thinks that they are capable of such a quality within themselves.

When put in a position of authority for which you have had practice and training, you can command respect and speak and act with authority, since you feel it within yourself and you understand the feeling once you have it. When dealing with people in a small and miserly way, you forget what it feels like to have self respect, much less respect for other people, and it becomes a situation where you will be replaced or demoted to another, lesser position.

That is why CMM Technology provides drug test equipment and alcohol tests to businesses throughout Australia. We know the importance of commanding respect from your employees and that includes being fit for duty. Try our ToxSure saliva drug test, as well as our other drug testing options for your business. We want to make sure that you have everything you need to work right. The proper tool for the proper job cannot be underestimated.

To get respect without words, remember to bring in breathalysers for our breathalyser recalibration service any time you need recalibrating. These are services which CMM Technology performs for our customers, and we believe that we can really make a difference in how smoothly your employee drug testing goes. For more information about these services, visit our website above and look at all of the options available to you. We gain respect in our community, and you can too. It is your right to hold your business properly in this economy. Bring the best to the table, and your employees will have the best to work with. Call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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