Function versus Form

Function versus FormIn the business world, the contest between function and form may appear to be ridiculous. After all, if it does not have function, then it is just clutter! However, many other people see the value in the aesthetic appeal and spiritual lifting from a high quality artistic piece.

While the battle, if you can call it that, between function and form seems to be fairly evenly scored, you will likely not find very many people who are not leaning toward one more than toward the other.

Function and form combined is obviously the best approach, or seemingly so to many people, and by this token, many companies focus on making their functional products more streamlined, beautiful and appealing, while other businesses are more focused on making their pieces have intrinsic productive value in addition to their beauty and aesthetic appeal.

CMM Technology, a high quality company distributing drug test equipment and breathalyser devices throughout Australia, recognizes that while drug test kits may not be very pretty in appearance, they perform a very useful and necessary functional purpose. Of all of our products, some are nicer looking than others, but the whole concept of drug testing in Western Australia can seem to be a bit distasteful from an aesthetic viewpoint.

Fortunately, we have a great deal of experience in this function, as well as appreciating form whenever we come across it in museums, sculpture, product design, or the style of clothing. However, we consider our urine drug tests and oral fluid drug tests to be more functional than good in form, and we really are not preferential toward other, similar products. You see, we know that our drug test kits work, and while others from competing companies may be more streamlined in appearance, they may not always be as functional. And when it comes to screening tests, are you not looking for functioning tests?

Onsite drug testing is available through our sister site, Mediscreen, but our primary function is the distribution of high quality drug test equipment. Form can be found in the way that you use the information once you receive it from your screening equipment. Call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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