From Tasks to Projects and Ideas

We all have a slight aversion to the word “work,” and we understand that “working” is something which may be necessary, but From Tasks to From Tasks to Projects and IdeasProjects and Ideaswill not necessarily be enjoyable. We look at our days and we see a series of tasks and problems to be solved. Well, the successful people in the world enjoy working, and the words associated with it don’t have a negative connotation. We understand that working is fulfillment of abundant plans and plans for abundance, growth and greater fulfillment. There is an inherent need in every human to get it right and to get it better every time. We want to improve on our old ideas. However, if we are encouraged to do the same old job over and over again and are not allowed to see the fruits of our labors, it takes something away from the job. It hurts us in our depths of accomplishment somewhere.

The worst part is when we are asked to do something in which we have no belief and which we do not think any good can come from. That is a depressing thought, indeed, and yet it is often the war cry of employees who are under the influence of drugs and alcohol while on or near the worksite. They are miserable in their own lives and this is not enough for them. They cannot contain this misery, and therefore it is inevitably spread to their coworkers and to people above and below them in the company structure.

Help your workers through the use of screening tests, thus identifying drug or alcohol abusing employees. Then, you can eliminate them or change their work status how you choose, but the first step is in identifying them. If you know an employee who is under the influence of illicit substances, they will most likely not even try to do a good job, but try to get away with as much as possible. Your business is not being helped by them, but rather it is dragged down by these people. Make sure all of your people are fit for duty. Use saliva drug tests and alcohol breathalyser devices from CMM Technology to assess their status: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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