Freezing the Fears that Freeze You

Freezing the Fears that Freeze YouFear grips you with a tight hold, and the little punk does not let go easily. Fear is such a pest when it comes to dealing with complex problems or any interaction with other humans whatsoever that it frequently makes bad problems worse and unnecessarily destroys relationships between spouses, parents and children, coworkers, and employers and employees.

You must learn how to freeze the fears that freeze you.

The first step is in realizing and openly acknowledging that you are afraid. You can do this in private, but it must be done. Pretending that you are not afraid of something will not make it go away, but acknowledging your fear will at least morph it into a rational problem which can, theoretically, be fixed by rational solutions.

Secondly, understand that fear will not go away right away, but that the right mindset will disintegrate it. However, the right mindset involves a decision about the situation. You will no longer dread meeting your in-laws because you have decided that their opinion is not worth as much as you formerly thought, after all. You will not fear your piano recital because if you did not end up practicing well enough to avoid mistakes then you will make a mistake anyway, and you might as well expect it and get through your performance and enjoy the rest of the show. You will not be afraid that your son or daughter is about to die in the hospital because you have prayed about it and understand that the doctors and nurses are doing all in their power, anyway. The best thing you can do at this point is to visit them, remain quiet and nurturing, and allow them to rest soon. There is nothing more you can do for the situation.

Employee drug testing is often thought by druggies as “fear that the nation will be overtaken by people who have peace…man.” It’s not really about that. In order to effectively run an operation, there must be workers who understand and are willing to work within the system. That’s all there is to it. There is no conspiracy. There are no company bureaucracies seeking to overthrow the little guy. It’s about efficiency and teamwork, and nothing else.

The solution is to just use high quality drug test equipment, like the drug test kits and breathalyser alcohol tests which come from CMM Technology. Feel free to give us a call: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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