Foundations of Support

Support is something which we all need to some extent or another. However, not all of us receive the foundations of this support, namely from ourFoundations of Support family, friends, and parents during our younger years. By evolutionary standards, we are meant to be successful within a group environment, and the lack of this success can lead to insecurity about whether or not we can individually handle community involvement. It is plain and simple, and it involves lots of love and support, of course. If someone does not have this support while growing up, they are much more likely to engage in drug abuse, alcoholism, and they are far more likely to have trouble blending into the social environment on the jobsite due to their lack of security and confidence.

In the workplace, individual employees are like little children. They should never be attacked, but they should be guided gently but firmly in the right direction, shown respect and deference, and instructed in both the habits of your company and the spirit of your business. This is a type of learning that should be carefully fostered over time. Employees sometimes consider their bosses and managers with an “us against them” mentality. This is destructive, and it breeds contempt for their authority figures. In the same manner, positive role modeling, gentle breeding, and careful guidance can be the ticket toward respect and loyalty within your staff members.

If employees already have one strike against them in the drug or alcohol abuse department, then you might want to consider ways to help them feel more supported. Support can make all the different in how someone interprets a situation, and in how difficult they consider a task to be. This is a crucial time to instigate proper employer-employee boundaries and terms of respect in both directions. In the meantime, continue your monitoring with proper drug and alcohol screening.

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