Former Addicts, Now Supervisors

Former addicts are sometimes considered risky employees to have, especially in high pressure jobs which require a great deal of emUrine Drug Testotional intelligence. It is a matter of shrewdness, voluntary drug testing, and who you can or cannot trust. Fortunately, employee drug testing really is one of the best ways in which you can find out how trustworthy someone is, at least in this matter. The author knows a current supervisor who used to be a drug addict, and it is with this confirmation that she writes about the matter. When you are in business, it is not just the jobs of your supervisors or managers to oversee various people, but it is also the job of you to make sure that everything is done fairly and with good judgment. Without this good judgment, you may be without good employees for very long. Can you trust supervisors to do their job if they are former addicts?

The truth is, it really depends upon the person. And yes, while it can also be a matter of self control, a lot of times it has to do with the personality type. Some people are more cold blooded than others, and therefore better able to separate their public and private lives, their work and their recreational drug use or the desire thereof. That means that, if you are worried by relapses in former addicts within your managerial staff, you might actually take it upon yourself to look at each situation on a case by case basis. You might look at each individual at one time, rather than seeing everyone in a group within your mind.

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