Forgiveness and the Love from Within

Forgiveness is a hard concept for all of us to grasp. It is so foreign to the human mind that only people who are extremely in touch with theirDrug Testing spiritual side find themselves forgiving people easily. Of course, we can all say the words, but there is still residual pain or bitterness if we’re not careful to be aware of our own true natures.

Nature does not like a void. If we are to give up the hate or anger we have within ourselves, there must be something to replace it. That is where love comes in. It’s not enough to attempt to forgive your enemy. You must love them, too. In fact, if you don’t feel any love for them, don’t kid yourself about being able to forgive them. If you understand their point of view and truly get why they do what they do, then you already are beginning to love them and feel the same as they do, and forgiveness comes easily. This love, however, must come from within.

If you work in a close knit group of people and you use employee drug testing to evaluate those who are subordinate to you, then you may be really disappointed in them or even in yourself if any of their screening tests come back positive. Don’t think about it like that. Instead, consider how much psychological pain they must be in to have to resort to substance abuse while at work! Be kind, be caring, be understanding, and also be firm. Either get them into an employee assistance program or make a mark on their record. Even if your company has a multiple strike policy which gives employees a second chance, it is still necessary to document these strikes if they are not willing to go to an employee assistance program which is funded by the company and allows them to receive the help that they need.

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