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chain of custody,pre screening,screening testsHow can you keep your business modern and fresh and cutting edge? That is a question which many business owners ask themselves, seeking to adapt to the modern technologies, but somehow partially clinging to the business practices of yesterday. What makes a company modern? Is there a standard? Does it require an entire physical makeover, or only new techniques? What can you do to freshen things up and will it cost money?

The answer lies in research. You must understand how a variety of modern businesses perform their operations, how cutting edge their technology is, and how much this affects their income. These are all factors in researching modern business operations. What are some of the top priorities in business development today?

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Obviously, we will begin with this factor. Modern businesses must keep ethical and industry standards in place to protect the business, the customers, and the employees from illicit drug abuse and alcoholism. First and foremost, safety and comfort are essential in the new workplace.

Time Management Techniques

Modern businesses are allowing anywhere from 20% to 70% of working time to be devoted to tasks which the employees themselves choose, initiate and complete. This is allowing creative license, organic innovative techniques, and high personality accountability to be primary work initiatives, as opposed to previous initiatives based solely upon income and monetary bonuses.

Streamlined Appearance and Operation

Today, companies have given up the complex, opulent lifestyle which incorporated grandiose interior decorating, thousands of minion employees, small, cramped working spaces, and choosing efficiency over creativity. Modern businesses seek to simplify, streamline, and have a sleek, airtight business model with fewer, more competent staff members.

Removing Layers of Middle Management

Modern companies today do not require many layers of lower, middle, and upper management level positions. This overly-complex hierarchy is old-fashioned and inefficient. Today, businesses seek to flatten the playing field between the chief executive office and the lower-level employees, encouraging everyone to hold themselves equally accountable for the good of the company.

CMM Technology can provide the products for the drug and alcohol testing category above. We have trained experts to assist with incorporating this new practice within your business, no matter which business model you use, and we know how to do this quickly, efficiently and within your customized budget. Drug and alcohol testing in the workplace is a matter of safety and of adaptability within the job market. Contact CMM Technology today: +618-9204-2500.


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